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Managing my Yoga studio

 Yoga Teacher

I use Physical Manager to manage all the clients of my yoga studio. Every new coming yogi gets his own profile where I can track how many lessons they have bought and used. The fact that my yogis can log in themselves makes this system very transparent.

Mia Rodriguez, San Francisco

Measure my clients

 Personal Trainer

Physical Manager really helps me track the physical condition of my clients. Every month I put all my clients to the test. The results appear in simple charts that my clients have access to. My clients find this motivating because it inspires them to continually improve.

Markus Kieffer, Berlin

Overview my finance


One of the key features of Physical Manager is the financial management capabilities. As a fulltime masseuse I provide regular massage services with packages that I can create within Physical Manager I have full visibility into the quantity of massage services I have delivered and an overview of payments made. Now I never miss a single massage or payment!

Sandra May, London


Includes all features available in the premium account, but is limited to:

2  Client accounts
10  Evaluation tests
10  Packages
10  Training programs

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